Western Sand – EP

Get yourself a copy of Western Sand’s debut EP – signed by the band and delivered to a mailbox of your choice.

This is what Planet Mosh have to say about this release:

‘Well-written and well-mixed, the EP is very polished for a debut. Songs have a nice, smooth idea flow. Tunes are mid-tempo, with chunky rock licks and a big backbeat; just the right amount of dirt for the grab they’ve got, tight & together.

Two guitar tracks are heard: each one audible in it’s own right, with it’s own wide sonic spectrum. If you crave good, toothy rock & roll without any metal edge or weak spots, this is a great disc to pick up. These guys are going places! Agreeable and groove-laden, Western Sand is reminiscent of American classic rock – It’s only rock and roll, and you’ll like it!

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Western Sand – EP